Counseling & Therapy

Dr. Mary assists individuals of all ages who come to her with a wide variety of problems. She is a Christian Counselor who recognizes the vital role of the soul in the health and wholeness of the individual, the family and society.

Counseling is a process that enhances a person's ability to grow in positive ways. It benefits those seeking growth in their ability to love and accept themselves and to relate well with others.  It's an opportunity to explore, clarify, and sort through beliefs, to identify and change behaviors that interfere with feeling healthy and fully alive, and to learn to deal with a wide gamut of emotions in healthy ways.  During times of stress or crisis, when facing difficulties and pressures, when you know there is more to life but you cannot grasp the key, when you want to grow and flourish; these are the times a professional counselor can be of service to you. 

Confidentiality is a key element of the counseling process.  Your privacy is of utmost importance to me.  Your communications and the records I keep pertaining to them have a priviledged and confidential status.

During your first session we will create the goals of your counseling experience together.  Underlying all goals is the recognition that your maximum benefit is paramount. Counseling requires an investment of your time and energy. A person benefits most when making the therapeutic goals a part of his or her every day life.

Dr. Mary offers Services to individuals, couples, families and groups in the following areas:

Relationship Counseling
• Premarital Counseling
• Strengthening Relationships
• Improving Satisfaction in intimate relationships
• Marriage Therapy

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• Anxiety and Stress Reduction
• Adjustment issues
• Crisis Intervention
• Mood Disorders
• Stress Related Symptoms

Clinical Hypnosis
• Phobias
• Weight Loss Issues
• Smoking Cessation

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Aging and Elderly Issues

Working Through Loss and Grief

Strengthening of the Self
• Optimizing Performance,
• Attention Ability and Focus
• Personal Organization
• Motivation

  Developmental Concerns
• School Phobia
• Separation Anxiety
• Nightmares and Sleep Problems
• Supervision and Collegial Consultation

Gentle Strategies for Resolving the Effects of:
• Abuse and Trama
• Anxiety-related Disorders
• Physical Health Issues

  Resolving Co-dependency and Abuse Issues